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中文摘要:目的 建立高效液相色谱法测定扶正平消胶囊中吴茱萸次碱含量的方法。方法 样品经乙醇提取,乙酸乙酯液-液萃取后测定,色谱柱为Agilent TC-C18,流动相为乙腈-四氢呋喃甲酸水溶液(2%四氢呋喃+0.2%甲酸),流速为1.0 ml/min,柱温为40℃,检测波长为240 nm。结果 吴茱萸次碱含量在1.18~118 μg/ml范围内线性关系良好,r=0.999 9;其中日内、日间精密度RSD均<2%,平均加样回收率为94.20%。结论 本法准确、专属性强、重复性好,可用于测定扶正平消胶囊中吴茱萸次碱的含量。
中文关键词:高效液相色谱  吴茱萸次碱  扶正平消胶囊  质量标准
Determination of rutaecarpine in Fuzhengpingxiao capsule by HPLC method
Abstract:Objective To develop a new method to determine the contents of rutaecarpine in Fuzhengpingxiao capsule by HPLC method. Methods Samples were handled by ethanol and extraction with ethyl acetate. The separation was achieved on an Agilent TC-C18 column using a mobile phase system of acetonitrile-water (2% Tetrahydrofuran and 0.2% formic acid) at a flow rate of 1.0 ml/min. The temperature of column was 40℃ and the detection wavelength was 240 nm. Results The calibration curves of rutaecarpine showed good linearity in the ranges of 1.18-118 μg/ml, r=0.999 9. The results of intra-day and inter-day precisions were both within 2%, the average additional recovery rate was 94.20%. Conclusion The HPLC method was accurate, specific, sensitive and reproducible, which could be used for quality control of rutaecarpine in the preparation of Fuzhengpingxiao capsule.
keywords:HPLC  rutaecarpine  Fuzhengpingxiao capsule  quality standard
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