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中文摘要:目的 建立扶正平消胶囊中芍药苷含量的测定标准。方法 采用HPLC法进行含量测定,色谱柱为Agilent Zorbax SB-C18柱(150 mm×4.6 mm,5 μm),流动相:乙腈-5 mmol/L磷酸二氢钠水溶液(10:90),流速:1.0 ml/min,柱温:25℃;检测波长:230 nm,进样量10 μl,运行时间25 min。结果 芍药苷在25.0~500.0 μg/ml范围内线性关系良好(r=0.999 9),线性方程:Y=12.65X+43.54,平均加样回收率为92.69%,RSD为1.77%。结论 该方法操作易行、结果可靠、重复性好,可用于扶正平消胶囊中芍药苷的含量测定。
中文关键词:高效液相色谱  扶正平消胶囊  芍药苷  含量测定
Determination of paeoniflorin in Chinese traditional herbal preparation Fuzhengpingxiao capsule using HPLC method
Abstract:Objective To determine the content of paeoniflorin in Fuzhengpingxiao capsule by HPLC method. Methods The content of paeoniflorin were determined by HPLC, and the column was an Agilent Zorbax SB-C18 column (150 mm×4.6 mm, 5 μm); The mobile phase was acetonitrile and 5 mmol/L sodium dihydrogen phosphate (10:90), and the flow rate was set at 1 ml/min. Column temperature was 25℃, detection wavelength was 230 nm, injection volume was 10 μl, and running time was 25 min. Results Paeoniflorin was linear (r=0.999 9) in the concentration of 25.0-500.0 μg/ml, the linear equation was Y=12.65X +43.54, and the average recovery was 92.69% with RSD value was 1.77%. Conclusion The method was easy to operate, reliable and reproducible, which could be used in the determination of paeoniflorin in FuzhengPingxiao capsule.
keywords:HPLC  FuzhengPingxiao capsule  paeoniflorin  determination
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